1001Shadows is a plugin for Google Sketchup that generates a series of shadow outlines from a start time to end time with user defined intervals.
  • Simple operation – set the latitude, start-end time, interval and generate the shadow profiles
  • Cross platform compatibility – Works in Sketchup Standard and Pro version, as well as Windows and Mac
  • Capture shadows for export – Shadow profiles are generated in edges or faces(solid shadows) that can be exported to other CAD programs.
1001shadows allows architects and planners to analyse effect of light and shadow from a potential new development.

Point shadow duration – The duration where a certain point fall under shadow can be analysed.

Solid shadows generation – ‘Freeze time’ by generating solid shadows for selected durations. This is ideal for visualizing the effect of shadows on surfaces through time.Sky exposure – Pick a point to analyse the extent of exposure to open sky.

Shadow profiles of each session are grouped separateShadow profiles of each session are grouped separately by time and placed on a common layer

Table of shadow angle projection are listed in a .csv file. The layer name is recorded on the data sheet to facilitate cross referencing with the SKP file.